Wynyard’s High Consequence Cyber Crime solution helps organisations discover the highest priority threats on their network to prevent potentially catastrophic damage intended by cyber intrusion.

The High Consequence Cyber Crime solution monitors unusual user account activity and remote logins, periodic communications to external locations and anomalous traffic patterns across the entire network. It monitors entities across the entire network, including but not limited to - users, IP addresses, devices, servers, domains and ports, providing enterprise network protection.


- Anomaly detection within existing network logs to discover hidden threats masquerading as legitimate network activities.
- Monitoring of all network entities including (but not limited to) users, IP addresses, devices, servers, domains, hosts and ports.
- Visualisation capability enables organisations to identify and explore highest priority threats.
- Analysis of existing network log data that is already collated and stored.
- Big data analytics platform with scalable processing and storage capability.
- Rapid deployment with out-of-the box adaptors and a fully configured off-the-shelf solution.
- No other product on the market provides this combination of differentiators.