Wynyard ACA Intelligence services are meant to render the intelligence community world over, the solution which effectively, securely, and efficiently helps exploit and examine data that leads to a well-informed functional planning and strategical execution.

Who Needs Wynyard Intelligence?

Intelligence organizations are given the charge to prevent terror attacks and criminal occurrences as part of homeland security. Organizations responsible for preventing terrorist activities and curb the consequential catastrophes are who need intelligence solutions. Apparently foretelling the future is a challenge to crime prevention agencies. The best method to stay ahead is recognizing criminal patterns and anticipating emerging threats by ‘detection and prevention’ technique. This is where Wynyard Group comes into the scene and offers the following convenience.

Simplified Workflow

An intuitive method of extracting insights from big-data structure which could either be structured or unstructured is the key requirement of an intelligence officer and is serviced by Wynyard to detect and prevent possible events of terrorism.

Data Insight Extraction

The case generated can be accessed and investigated in a unified manner. Law enforcement agents can easily create pre-populated records, share cases, assign a case, or find links to information applicable to an investigation. All this can be done without leaving the Wynyard analytics platform.

Preserve and Amplify

Wynyard Intelligence ensures to enable users to conduct multiple logical arguments on the same data without compromising with its security or integrity. This helps enrich a set of raw data using advanced analytical which further acts as a method of educating experts in the making.

Privacy Compliant

The final and most critical requirement is to secure the extracted set of data in extremely granular form. This enables and promotes easier collaboration of collected data without invading security and data handling policies. Wynyard ensures that technological concerns are handled, allowing intelligence officers to concentrate on solving the harder issues of – assembling the data and comprehending the pattern of occurrence to attain a prevention technique. Therefore, it involves technology that simplifies and accelerates the initial stages of conducting intelligence.