During a cyber breach, it is imperative to reach to the root cause and minimize the impact. Forensic & Malware Analysis allows security personnel to evaluate the scope, severity and consequences of the incident.

Cyber criminals are good at hiding, they strike when the moment is right. Once an attack takes place, it is crucial to determine the extent of the breach and reach to the bottom of how the system was penetrated and what was compromised.

Wynyard Group facilitates the work of Law Enforcement organizations around the world by providing customized solutions and effective services. Forensic & Malware Analysis provides a detailed report answering the following vital questions –

• How did the attack take place?
• Who was involved?
• What was the depth of the attack?
• What kind of malware was used?
• What were the repercussions of the attack?
• Is the incident over or the malware is still attacking?
• What measures need to be taken now?
• What are the safety options for future?

Wynyard’s Information Security team thoroughly investigates the incident and keeps all the information transparent, yet secured. The breach is examined via threat intelligence to explore the cause and eradicate the threat quickly.