Wynyard data analytics offers flexibility to officers and agents of Law Enforcement organizations by allowing them to track patterns of criminal events to prevent them in future. The advanced analytical solution provided by Wynyard facilitates understanding criminal cases strategically.

Law Enforcements have long been using data analytics as a method of investigating criminal occurrences. Even though the police force has access to numerous databases to verify and search all information to connect the dots at one place. The emerging role of data analytics only adds up to it by enabling Law Enforcement organizations to not only investigate, but detect and prevent events before they occurred. Compiling myriad of data based on a single suspect, relevant data on locational interest, or particular case is facilitated by Wynyard crime analytic solutions for Law Enforcements.

Unified Data Accessibility
Wynyard Law Enforcement solution offers a collective accessibility of data of distinguished importance. The intuitive features enable quick access to all the available information at one platform. Investigations can speed up with faster access and search of data rendered. Search for a suspect, location, or target using a single portal and all relevant systems return suitable data. Case management system, federal repositories, suspicious activity reporting, gang intelligence, and more features are enabled in the platform to ensure timely detection of events to prevent them in future recognizing the pattern.

Intelligence Investigation Platform
The case generated can be accessed and investigated in a unified manner. Law enforcement agents can easily create pre-populated records, share cases, assign a case, or find links to information applicable to an investigation. All this can be done without leaving the Wynyard analytics platform.

Investigate Targets for Awareness
Situational awareness can be raised related to the investigated targets. Wynyard solution for Law Enforcements empowers officials to make better decisions by giving them access to all case-related data to which they own authority of accessing. It is possible for agents to perform geographical searches around a particular area of interest to view related data, notes, call details, or photos from a past investigation. In addition, real-time calls for service, charts, real-time statistics, graphs on a web page.

Information Security without Compromise
The solution rendered is robust and offers in-built privacy and civil liberties security. In addition to this, granular access facility along with advance capability to retain data is offered by Wynyard Group. While respecting the security without compromise the solution features Law Enforcements with facilities that ensure Public Safety.