Wynyard’s Person of Interest solution combines the power of advanced crime analytics and targeted case management, enabling agencies to proactively manage offenders, protect victims and prevent serious crime.
Wynyard’s Person of Interest solution is a configuration of the Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics Platform.


- Enables departments or agencies to share information and coordinate efforts. This helps them respond immediately to alerts about changes in an offender’s or victim’s status.
- Comprehensive risk framework.
- Integrated dashboards and alerts.
- Comprehensive reporting tools and customisable dashboards allow users to look across the data.


Law Enforcement
Wynyard’s Person of Interest solution is designed to provide a unified view of potential offenders or victims. This enables law enforcement agencies, which have a mandate to protect the community, to quickly understand who poses a threat and who is at risk. The solution works by allowing information to be shared across departments or agencies in order to facilitate the coordinate of efforts. This helps law enforcement to respond immediately to alerts about changes in the status of an offender or victim.

Justice and Corrections
Wynyard’s Person of Interest solution provides the tools for Justice and Corrections agencies to identify, monitor and manage persons and populations of interest. Wynyard’s software enables agencies to risk-rate persons of interest through a comprehensive risk framework. Case management capability built into the solution allows information, actions and decisions to be recorded, tracked and audited. Customisable dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools provide for management oversight and simple reporting.

National Registers
In 2011 the New Zealand Government released The White Paper for Vulnerable Children. This document outlined the impact that offending against children has on both victims and the community. The document established what actions should be taken to protect vulnerable and at-risk children. A key recommendation was that a technology solution be implemented to capture relevant information and ensure it was shared across various agencies so that they can better identify, assess and respond to the needs of vulnerable children.
The New Zealand Police looked to Wynyard to provide a solution that would combine a risk framework with an analytics and case management solution. Wynyard was chosen as a technology partner to develop a Child Protection Offender Register because of its strong background in providing case management, risk and analytics solutions for law enforcement agencies around the world. The proposed solution, a configuration of Wynyard’s Person of Interest analytics solution, will take data feeds from various agencies and sources and then uses rules and alerts to trigger appropriate interventions or responses.