Wynyard’s Serious and Organised Crime Analytics solution has been designed to detect, stop and help solve serious crimes by rapidly identifying intelligence for use by law enforcement personnel.

Wynyard’s Serious and Organised Crime Analytics solution is a configuration of the Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics Platform.


- Helps law enforcement agencies to manage cases, tasks and evidence.
- Provides all the tools an investigation team needs to collaborate, track activity and oversee cases.
- Built-in task management for adding case note, attaching evidence and assigning tasks.
- Easily be configured to support multiple business units with different processes.


Law Enforcement

Wynyard’s Serious Crime Investigations software was originally developed for a large police force to provide a configurable, secure and easy-to-use solution for investigators. The software improves multi-agency collaboration in environments such as trans-national crime centres, reduces administrative burden and user training time and scales to handle large numbers of active cases.
Wynyard’s solution is widely deployed and enables law enforcement agencies to easily managing different cases, evidence, tasks and end-users. Agencies have configured the software for specific categories of documents such as investigation plans, records of interview, warrants, affidavits, financial documents and surveillance running sheets. The security model protects data and limits access across every individual piece of evidence and information stored. Wynyard’s software is fast to deploy and configure and delivers operational efficiencies for multi-service organisations with limited budgets and IT support structures.

Securities Exchanges

Wynyard's Serious Crime Investigations is used by the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), a registered securities exchange responsible for ensuring that markets are fair, orderly and transparent. The NZX required a software solution to manage initial public offerings, real time reporting and periodic monitoring. The solution needed to enable collaboration, management of documents and versions, facilitate easy review and approval, generate automated alerts and maintain oversight.
Wynyard’s software was chosen because in one single deployment it was able to be configured to support the four different business units requiring access, with no crossover or risk of compromising data. By deploying Wynyard’s software the NZX has been able to easily standardise its information collection and management process; collaborate in order to maintain schedules and timelines; receive alerts; produce reports and control access to documents and information.

Environmental Protection Authorities

Wynyard's Serious Crime Investigations solution is used by an environmental protection authority to monitor, enforce and ultimately protect the environment within the protected area. The area, one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on Earth, is of global importance and is one of the best managed areas in the world. The area is responsible for significant tourist revenue annually and requires diligent management and protection.
When frontline compliance officers from the authority tasked with managing the area needed an investigative case management tool they chose Wynyard's software. Wynyard’s integrated and highly-configurable platform was an ideal fit for the authority’s need to track activity and streamline their operations spanning the geography of the protected area. Wynyard’s technology has enabled frontline officers to easily manage cases, tasks and documents and as a result, spend more time in the community.

Sport Anti-Doping Agencies

Wynyard’s Serious Crime Investigations solution is used by national anti-doping agencies in the northern and southern hemispheres to independently manage cases involving banned substances in professional and amateur sports.
Anti-doping agencies are typically not-for-profit organisations jointly funded by government and sports bodies. The cases they manage are often high profile, and the resulting fines and penalties to individuals, clubs or codes are punitive. This environment requires rigorous attention to a transparent and auditable process. Wynyard’s solution allows frontline investigators to manage cases independently and securely across geographic regions and sporting codes. The configurability of the software, ability to track and manage cases along with the transparency and auditability of the solution has proven invaluable for agencies managing doping cases in a highly public environment.