The fastest way to reveal actionable intelligence hidden in your data.


Intelligence and investigations teams are under increasing pressure to deliver results rapidly. Standing in their way are significant challenges, including fewer resources and increasingly complex crimes committed by sophisticated and well-armed criminals.

In addition, today’s crimes create enormous amounts of complex data. This requires professionals to meticulously analyse all data sources to uncover entities of interest and eliminate irrelevant information. There is simply too much data, from too many places, arriving too quickly, in too many formats to handle with anything other than advanced technology.

Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) is a powerful investigative analytics solution essential for intelligence and investigations teams in law enforcement and government agencies to prevent and solve crime faster by rapidly revealing actionable intelligence hidden in data. Deployed at organisations around the world, Wynyard ACA is powerful in preventing and solving a wide range of crimes including: Organised Crime, Transnational Crime, Violent Crime, Trafficking, New Generation Extremism and Gun Crime.


Search and analyse all of your data in one place
Wynyard ACA brings all your data together in one place for analysis, meaning you can now fuse all of your data to uncover the hidden connections fast.

Process and analyze data automatically
Regardless of data type, structured (financial transactions), semi structured (SMS Messages) or unstructured (witness statements), Wynyard ACA organizes your data, automatically extracting entities, relationships and events, presenting you with a holistic picture of your intelligence and investigative holdings without the need for manual analysis. This means your team spends more time on extracting actionable intelligence.

Advanced analysis simplified
In addition to intuitive visualizations and analysis techniques, Wynyard ACA allows your team, regardless of technical skill, to run advanced analytics techniques across your data. Now all members of the team can use features like anomaly detection to find patterns of behavior outside of the norm and quickly run pathfinder queries to discover connections across data sets.

Get fully operational fast
Wynyard ACA is a highly configurable product, not a custom solution. Implemented by domain experts, ACA is rapidly deployable and able to be quickly shaped to meet your organizational requirements. Users get up and run fast due to our intuitive interface, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership and higher return on investment.


Multi-lingual automatic entity extraction/text mining
In different languages - quickly reveal people, places, events, objects and relationships hidden in both structured and unstructured data without manual processing.

Context aware visualisation
Easily separate entities that are important by visualizing and analyzing relationships and patterns that would not otherwise be evident.

Advanced search and query
Run advanced search techniques across your data to find relevant information fast.

Social network analysis
Use built-in capabilities to quickly visualise and analyse how networks of people are connected.

Geospatial analysis
Develop ‘patterns of life’ via geospatial analysis of GPS data such as cell-site and acquisition data.

Anomaly detection
Rapidly reveal unusual patterns of behavior across data sources.

Timeline analysis
Easily expand or narrow the time range for any data element — from phone calls, to locations, to criminal incidents or other events.

Rules and alerts
Easily create rules to automatically run over your data, bringing the most important information to your attention fast.