The easiest way to investigate and analyze any type of data.


Investigation’s teams analyze an enormous amount of data in the forms of call logs, social media activities, IP addresses or keyword researches on a daily basis. To ease out the difficulties faced by the Law Enforcement teams, Wynyard Group has built an efficient and innovative tool, Data Investigator and Analyzer (DIA). DIA is an analytical tool that provides a platform to gain insight into the massive amount of data extracted through various formats.

Data Investigator and Analyzer collects and performs a statistical analysis on the data. It manages large amounts of data and maps the relationship between entities and users. It filters the data based on date, time, geography, frequency, nationality etc. and produces only quality insights.

Finding something of value amid all the innocent and unrelated billions of calls or social media conversations, is a hectic task. Therefore, big data analysis is required to reduce the manual work.

With the in-built statistical features, different types of analysis can be done on the data that is fed to the system. The tool saves time and effort with its powerful analyzing capabilities. Data elements can be quickly and easily modified into different structured views.

The dashboard of DIA tool is highly customizable and surfaces the data in various formats, such as maps, link diagrams, tabular formats etc. A wide variety of applications can be created to combine data and produce relevant reports.

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