XEREM is a highly configurable (or extensible) data model that enables specific entities, relationships and events to be defined to meet the requirements of a particular customer or solution.

Entities represent real world objects or concepts, for example people, locations, organisations, accounts, phones.

Relationships represent the connections or links between entities. For example an account entity type might be configured to know about all transactions that have occurred on an account. In this case, “all transactions” is the relationship type.

Events represent something that happens at a point in time and may include a duration. They are often the consequence of entities interacting and therefore often connect entities together. An example is where two people are making phone calls to each other over a period of time, “phone calls” are the events.

Properties can be configured on entities, relationships and events to hold individual data items, such as the name of a person, the amount of a transaction, or the number of a phone.

XEREMTM can also store unstructured text data, such as the body of an email or SMS message, the content of a PDF document or online news article.