Advance Crime Analytics

It is a potent analytical solution aimed at expeditiously unfolding crime via comprehensive visual, text and audio data analysis. The solution has several applications from exposing criminal indicators and creating solid case structures against serious criminal offenders. Maximizing public safety, Advance Crime Analytics by Wynyard Group empowers a justice system driven by data and helps eliminate Violent Crime, Organized Crime, New Generation Extremism, Trafficking and Transnational Crime, etc.

Unmanned Aerial System

Wynyard Group offers the most technologically advanced autonomous aerial vehicles, designed to meet the challenges of first responders and emergency services. The unmanned vehicles are fully capable of precision dropping and meet the specific requirements arising in emergency situations. These vehicles incorporate state-of-the-art technology not found in conventional UAVs.

Vital Infrastructure Analytics

It is a business intelligence tool, applying advanced comprehensive analytics for predictive maintenance and real-time process optimization. The efficient analytical tool is applicable across various critical infrastructure industries. The product furnishes bolstered industrial development in various domains by utilizing software and machinery, resulting in cost reductions. Wynyard Group’s offering is a sure shot way to safeguard an organization’s infrastructure by creating a 360 degree vision of business verticals, subsequently creating alerts for actionable insights.

Distributed Security Centre

This is an advanced security management system which ensures 24×7 support via remediation guidance and real time analysis for proactive monitoring and management of distributed security services in real time. The software detects, identifies, classifies and acts upon anomalous behavior in the network to provide technical and organizational security oversight. It facilitates customized services and processes to tackle adverse situations as per the client’s requirement.