Wynyard Group is a Public Safety Analytics Company that has introduced innovative elevation in Data security and analytics and provides protection against all sort of online challenges. It aims to shield the digital space of large turnkey projects by deploying its manpower on-site to handle and maintain security.

Wynyard VIA: We provide an advanced analytics platform suite specialising in predictive maintenance, real-time process optimisation, forecasting and comprehensive analytics.

Digital Brand Analytics: Our solution is used for providing a complete detailed study to any organisation regarding its brand, by using sentiment analysis to understand the negative and positive sentiment regarding the brand.

Advance Crime Analytics: Our software is a powerful investigative analytics solution essential for the investigation teams working for government agencies to prevent and solve crime faster by rapidly revealing actionable information hidden in the data.

Distributed security centre: The software monitors activities in the network to ensure that the anomalous behaviour is detected, identified, classified and acted upon where appropriate.

Autonomous vehicles: Our autonomous vehicles vertical is a customised solution designed in a way to meet the increasing demands of the unmanned vehicles for various purposes.