Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics

A powerful analytics solution can transform the whole outlook of public safety and border security. Advanced Crime Analytics is Wynyard Group’s answer to the rising challenges faced by law enforcement and government authorities around the world. In a digital world where data is available in abundance, law enforcement agencies have realized the advantages of employing data analytics in an operational capacity.

Advanced Crime Analytics provides intuitive visualizations through analytical techniques that enable agencies to study both structured and unstructured data in an efficient manner. This allows the identification of various trends by rapidly revealing actionable insights hidden in data. This translates to faster resolution of crimes or accurate prediction of crimes taking place in specific locations.

Leveraging digital technology enhances the quality of data pointers obtained from raw data. These pointers are used in pattern creation, enabling agencies to take precautionary measures by monitoring suspicious profiles on a regular basis, preventing criminal incidents.

Advanced Crime Analytics is an easy-to-use, customizable software that enhances the operational capacity of law enforcement agencies.

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