Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics

At the forefront of ensuring public and border security, Advanced Crime Analytics (ACA) represents a powerful tool that has the potential to transform the landscape of security. 

  • Powerful Analytics – ACA is a cutting-edge analytics tool designed for Integrated Security personnel, equipped with advanced algorithms and a powerful data visualisation interface. It enables swift and accurate identification of patterns and trends. ACA’s sophisticated features make it a powerful solution for agencies seeking to stay ahead of the curve in their fight to avoid accidents and crime.
  • Pattern Recognition – ACA is an advanced pattern recognition tool designed to streamline decision-making processes by providing stakeholders with easy access to monitoring statistics. Its online dashboard features trend tracking, enabling the identification of patterns and data-driven insights. With its centralised data analysis and monitoring capabilities, ACA efficiently manages large datasets, making it an indispensable tool for stakeholders and agencies.  
  • Interactive Map – ACA’s Interactive Map is a powerful tool that presents crime data on a map, grid, and charts dashboard, providing valuable insights into crime/accident patterns and trends in different regions. It features detailed information on type of incident, location type, address, date and time. This feature offers a versatile and valuable resource for a range of industries to enhance their security measures and protect their assets.
  • Simple Data Points – ACA processes and interprets complex data to provide simplified visualisations and straightforward concluding insights. Whether it’s crime data or civilian data, ACA simplifies and breaks down complex information into understandable bits, allowing users to make informed decisions quickly and easily. With ACA, users can gain comprehensive and intuitive overviews of their data, enabling them to maintain safety and security effortlessly. The software provides valuable insights without overwhelming users with technical complexity, making it an indispensable tool for data analysis.  

Because we live in a digital world today, data has become central to most industries. With Advanced Crime Analytics, analysis of both structured and unstructured data can be simplified using intuitive visualisations and analytical techniques, yielding actionable insights that might otherwise have remained hidden.