Anti Tunneling

Tunnels have been employed by criminal organisations and terrorist groups to smuggle illegal goods and facilitate unauthorised cross-border movements. The smuggling of drugs, weapons, and other illicit materials is a prevalent criminal activity that is often facilitated through tunnels. Additionally, terrorist organisations utilise tunnels to infiltrate across borders, conduct attacks, and engage in other unlawful activities.  

To combat these illegal activities, Wynyard’s Anti-tunnelling technology can be deployed to detect and prevent tunnelling activities before they can be used for illegal purposes. This technology is an essential integrated security solution that provides a comprehensive solution to safeguarding sensitive installations against infiltration by hostile entities.  

The key features of Wynyard’s anti-tunnelling technology include:  

  • Ground-penetrating radar and seismic sensors that can detect underground activity.
  • Physical barriers and engineering solutions that make it difficult to tunnel through the ground.  
  • The integration of our software into other border security solutions that can facilitate collaborative functioning among various security agencies.

The implementation of anti-tunnelling technology requires the expertise of security project management professionals who can develop and implement a comprehensive security plan to prevent escapes and unauthorised access to restricted areas. This technology uses sensors and alarms to detect any attempt to dig or tunnel under the perimeter, allowing security personnel to respond quickly and prevent any potential breaches.