Deception Technology

The best form of defense is offence. This is especially true for cybersecurity. Deception technology is the active defense part of Cyber Threat Activity that takes the fight to malicious entities. Deception Technology in itself is made up of several minuscule components that work in unison to take down threats.

More often than not, malicious attacks are controlled by coded lines which themselves are vulnerable to hacking. By activating multiple traps in case of an attack, Deception Technology diverts the attention of the intruder while hiding the real assets in a secure space. Even without an ongoing attack, Deception Technology can be used to employ traps designed to emulate lucrative targets for an outside threat.

Once the threat locks into the trap and attacks it, deception technology can analyze the threat, reverse engineer it and provide the blueprint for an effective counter to said malware. This way, Deception Technology also works as an R&D mechanism that can contribute towards enhancing Cyber Threat Analytics.