Wynyard Group stands a market leader in high consequence crime fighting and security software, used by law enforcement and national security agencies, critical infrastructure operations and major corporations. It primarily operates within four key spaces, namely, security software solutions, outsourcing services, manpower facilities & consulting functions.

Headquartered in Newark, CA, Wynyard Group, for its software related solutions, partners with major systems integrators and the world's leading software companies to offer its products and services at a global level. Banking upon its extensive global network to work within, it has a great outreach with well-established offices in the North America, UK, Europe, West Asia and India etc. The company’s Advanced Crime Analytics, Intelligent Cyber Risk Analytics and Investigation platforms are powerful in assisting to solve rapidly rising Big Data and Security Problems, across the globe, including Organized and Transnational Crime, New Generation Extremism and High Consequence Cyber Crime.

Wynyard Group has multiple associations in its kitty to boast, effectively connecting the right talent or resource with the apt seeker/ employer with one another. The company acts as a reliable bridge between the developed economies of the world, particularly the US market, and the developing countries within the North East Asia region. It joins them swiftly with the third world markets, so as to optimize the vastly available resources there at cost-efficient values and integrate them within the required roles in different regions worldwide.

Our effective team of experts are pro at understanding and analyzing the specific requirements given by clients related to software, tech security, outsourcing of tasks, providing right manpower or consulting services and accordingly, relate the same with their set business objectives to be able to provide the suitable resolve for the same at earliest in the best conducive manner feasible. Our experts’ in-depth knowledge of particular domains as well as ample exposure of both the developed and developing markets across the globe gives them an edge over any other players operating in the league.